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Nerve Reflexology

To start my journey of becoming a Nerve Reflexologist I attended a workshop given by Carol Samuel, a highly regarded leading Reflexologist who holds a PhD in Reflexology in Pain Management. She is a dedicated researcher, has various publications and herself is a cancer survivor. She is a truly inspirational tutor and I am looking forward to completing the full Nerve Reflexology Diploma training with her.

The workshop focused on how to support cancer survivors who live with pain as a consequence of cancer treatment. This in depth training covered, amongst many other aspects of pain, the theory of anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, causes of pain in Cancer Survivors, how surgery can change tissue integrity and what effect that has on pain. I gained a general overview of Nerve Reflexology and familiarised myself with the associated techniques.

Through Nerve Reflexology not all the reflexes will be worked on in the feet or hands as the treatment is more targeted. As opposed to Classic Reflexology, where the whole foot or hand is covered, with Nerve Reflexology only the reflexes to the nervous system will be worked on and through that all the organs, glands, tissues and body parts will be stimulated.

A session lasts for about an hour. For information on pricing please click here.

N.B. Reflexologists do not claim to diagnose, cure nor prescribe.

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