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Reflexology in Egham and Staines

Welcome to my Reflexology website!

I am Andrea Tate, a professional reflexologist based in Staines, Surrey. My home therapy room is tranquil, relaxing and peaceful and it is within easy reach from Egham, Englefield Green, Thorpe, Virginia Water, Chertsey, Laleham and Ashford.


COVID-19 update

A soon as the government says it is safe to return to work as a reflexologist I will open my therapy room. In the meantime I am doing everything I can to comply with the Association of Reflexologists' COVID-19 Secure Hygiene guidelines so you can trust that you will stay safe in my hands, as always.

Stay safe and stay well!

Andrea x

Free Hand Reflexology videos for self-help

I would like to share this short video that was produced by the AOR. It is a useful guidance on how to perform reflexology on your own hands to help you manage stress and anxiety in these troubled times.

Please do have a go at it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

These moves can be performed as many times during the day as you need it. Whenever you notice that your mind goes into overdrive and your anxiety mounts just follow the steps above and feel your stress and tension melt away.

This is another hand reflexology video on how to support your immune system.

And if you are having trouble falling or staying asleep here is a short hand reflexology sequence to follow to help you sleep better.

You can help your loved ones too by working on their hands. Ask them to give you feedback on the depth of pressure used and how it feels to them.

For the maximum benefit it is best to:
- find a quiet and peaceful place to carry out the moves and set aside at least 10-15 minutes for it (5-7 minutes on each hand)
- make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position, rest your hands on a cushion in a way that your shoulders and arms are relaxed
- concentrate on what you are doing and what/how you feel
- vary the pressure until you find the right one for you, please note that more pressure does not necessarily equal with greater benefit
- first give yourself a hand rub as if you were washing your hands but this time without water or soap
- first work with your dominant hand to really master the moves then change hands, spend the same amount of time on each hand
- repeat the moves as many times as you like
- at the end give yourself a nice hand massage using your favourite hand cream.

Andrea x

Relax and rebalance your mind-body with Reflexology - a natural way to better health

In our busy, face paced lives we face new challenges on a daily basis. As pressure builds we find ourselves under stress. In this stressful state we often lose our ability to easily unwind and just to listen to our body. Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive healthcare therapy that can support your mind-body to rebalance and reset itself. This stress buster is an ideal therapy to form part of a regular health maintenance program.

How can I help

Reflexology may very well be able to help you if you are experiencing conditions that are related to stress including but not limited to: hormonal imbalances, aches and pains, fatigue, sleep problems, digestive issues, tension etc. Or you may simply would like to just detox and look after your own well-being. For an appointment please click on the "Book Now" button below.

Book Now

You are very welcome to check out these Self Help Cards on my "Resources" page:

  • managing Stress
  • improving Sleep
  • aiding Relaxation
  • Mindfulness Practices for Busy People

  • You can also find the following information on my "Resources" page:
    General Advice on a Healthy Diet

    Book review: Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins
    An uplifting book about the healing potentials of the mind and the body. I recommend it to everyone!

    As a Reflexologist I strive to support my clients in any way I can. I update my "Resources" page periodically with health related news, book reviews, self help techniques etc.

    Client Testimonials

    "One of the side effects of chemotherapy is neuropathy in my hands and feet. Since having regular reflexology sessions with Andrea, I have noticed a marked improvement. I have had reflexology treatments with other practitioners, but Andrea is outstanding".

    I invite you to watch this short video about "What is Reflexology?"

    Why choose me

    I am:
    - a qualified professional reflexologist, based in Staines
    - fully insured,
    - a proud member of the Association of Reflexologists (hence the letters MAR after my name) and as such committed to the AOR’s professional code of practice. To visit the AOR's website please click here. You can find me in the "Find a Reflexologist" search option by looking for Reflexologist in Staines,
    - my home therapy room's location is central just off The Causeway in Staines near Sainsbury's (handy if you need to do grocery shopping, you can kill two birds with one stone), it is easily found and has dedicated parking space on our driveway.

    Wondering what makes a great reflexologist?

    1. They will be a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR). Only fully insured reflexologists who trained with appropriately qualified and assessed organisations can be members. They will have MAR after their names, which stands for: Member of the Association of Reflexologists. They have a Level 3 certificate as a minimum and some have Level 5. They carried out at least 100 treatments and hands on assesments before qualifying. This means they did NOT qualify with a cheap online course...! They commit to CPD - continued professional development - and they cannot renew their membership without this.
    2. A great reflexologist doesn't just do a great sequence on your feet - they also have an 'intention' in mind throughout. This is what they want for you. It might be peace or relaxation or relief or a good night's sleep etc, and it is what their internal focus is on whilst their external focus is on your feet. Remember, reflexology is NOT a foot massage ... it is so much more!
    3. A great reflexologist is the one you trust and connect with! In other words you can rest assured that your wellbeing will be in safe hands.

    How I measure success

    I measure success not by how many clients I have or how much money I make. I measure success by how well I plan and deliver my clients' treatments to suit their needs. I measure success by how relaxed they feel not only in their body but in their mind too after a session.
    When they arrive to that so important deep state of relaxation where they are aware of themselves and their surroundings but at the same time appear to be sleeping - that is when the body can repair damaged cells, when the body's innate healing power kicks in and uses this serene state to tend to the imbalances.
    It is not the therapist who heals, but rather facilitates this restoring, deep relaxation. The therapist is merely there to support the client on his or her way to better health.
    And this is what makes me feel good about what I do, and it makes me feel happy doing what I do. This is measure of success for me.
    I feel that my treatments are successful when clients are making good progress on the way to recovery. And when my clients don't need me anymore, when they feel better and know how to help themselves - now that is what makes me successful.

    Health and Medical Insurance

    My training and my AOR membership allows the reflexology treatments to be reclaimed by Private Health insurance and medical cash back schemes such as BUPA, Paycare, Medicash, Sovereign, Healthshield Cash Plan.
    Please do check the policy details of your individual cover .

    Treatment packages, Taster session and Gift vouchers available

    For more details please click here

    Give the gift of wellbeing not things! - Reflexology, an ethical choice

    Andrea Tate, MAR, professional AOR Reflexologist, wellbeing promoter covering the areas of: Staines, Egham, Ashford, Virginia Water, Thorpe, Chertsey.

    Reflexologists do not claim to diagnose, cure nor prescribe.

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